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RxJava and Reactive programming

We can hear more and more about RxJava, Reactive extensions or Reactive programming in general nowadays. The hype is increasing, many tech conferences covers the topic of those concepts . We can observe moving from imperative to functional-reactive approach in writing applications. Languages like Scala are gaining popularity. Also release of Java 8 was great Read more about RxJava and Reactive programming[…]

React vs Angular: Brief comparison as of the beginning of 2018

Lately a lot has been written about React and Angular, yet with the beginning of 2018 and new versions released of both Angular and React it is worth to take a look at them one more time. If you have any experience in front-end development you should know that they can’t really be compared as Read more about React vs Angular: Brief comparison as of the beginning of 2018[…]

LESS vs Sass. Which one to choose?

What are preprocessors? CSS preprocessors have quickly gain enormous popularity and become popular tools to speed up and ease the work of Front End Developers. If you are not familiar with them, this article could help you get started. So, what are preprocessors? At its most basic, a CSS preprocessor is a scripting language that Read more about LESS vs Sass. Which one to choose?[…]

Angular v4 – important features

You are starting to set up new web application and you are wondering what tools use on frontend? Or maybe you are not happy with current solutions and you are looking for something better and easier? Or you just want to be up-to-date with new technologies and not to be behind everyone? If you say Read more about Angular v4 – important features[…]

Why your competitors decided to use remote teams ?

Use remote team or not dilema? People often ask me why to use remote team at all? They are ok with the status quo they have in thier project. Manager is often very busy with current tasks, budgeting , delivering the release and day after day that is how things going. I would like to Read more about Why your competitors decided to use remote teams ?[…]